About Our Charity

Establishing Bright Again has been a long-time dream of ours. Struggling separately in various ways through the years, Bryan and Rachelle Roberts have been the recipients of many kind acts from others. We have personally experienced what it is like to receive a helping hand and or just a smile on dark days and tight budgets.

In 2019, our light force multiplied by blending two awesome families, totaling 7 rays of sunshine. We wanted to teach our rays how important it is to reach beyond themselves to uplift and serve others. As we do so, we hope they will learn the importance of responisibility, sacrifice, self-reliance, charity and continue to give and serve in their community.

Along with our children, we hope that others will choose to join us in this endeavor. By sharing each of our lights, we can combine to be a powerful force for good. Now it is our turn to pay it forward and make things Bright Again.

Small acts of kindness can make a large impact.

Many believe it takes some big act to get out of a difficult circumstance. We believe simple acts of kindness can solve many of our problems.

At first, it started with our “Smile Days”, giving free flowers and sodas to make random people smile. Now, our light is reaching further to help in more meaningful ways. We all hit storms in life, Bright Again hopes to help those by assisting them with specific needs or services which we call “Sunny Days”.  In addition, we also host “Fun-Days” where we raise money for specific needs in the community, or on behalf of another charity that relates to our purpose.

We all experience stormy days, but we are always grateful when the sun breaks through the clouds. We are hoping to grow our light and influence, extending our reach by adding volunteers and families like yours. Together we can make more of an impact and improve our communities!